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A Christmas Carol

I participated in A Christmas Carol when I was in seventh grade which is still in the Middle School for us. Though the Middle School does put on musicals, they've always seemed rather hokey to me so I never tried out for those. The Elementary schools write the music for them, which I think is a neat idea, but because of it, the music always sounds like it was made by third graders or something, which I guess makes sense...

Anyhow, when I heard that the High School was in need of a Tiny Tim who could sing "What Child is This", I jumped at the chance. Of course, back then, I had quite the impressive Soprano voice (my voice change came a bit late), so I got the part. I had a ton of fun in that play, and learned a lot about acting. Mr. Saeker is really quite the spectacular director, and the High School Plays always turn out wonderfully.