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A little about myself... Hi! My name is Deneb Pulsipher. I founded my little company about two years ago. Of course, it is nothing more than a very elaborate game I play with my two best friends, but it is fun. One of my friends thought it was too foolish to put on his web page, and the other really never found a solid idea to base his company on, so I think I'm winning.

My family moved here to Utah in July of 1997. Before that, I attended Ripon High School. I'm a Junior in Meridian High School, and last term got a 4.0 gpa. My favorite subjects are Choir (though my family argues that it's not an academic subject, and so doesn't count) and American Literature. I like reading, and writing, as well as acting and singing. I've participated in the following school plays: A Christmas Carol, A Gap in Generations, Into the Woods, Pirates of Penzance, and most recently, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Mr. Saeker (the director) really does a fantastic job of directing all of the productions there in Ripon, and always turns out spectacular sets. All the plays are great, and if you ever get a chance to visit little old Ripon Wisconsin while one is going on, I highly suggest that you go to it. Tickets can be bought at the door, or at Ripon Drug. They really don't cost too much, and I assure you that the show will be worth it.

I have participated in Solo-Ensemble for the past four years.

My sophomore year I joined the Ripon High School Forensics Team.

Though I'm well acquainted with the ins and outs of the web, I must admit that I'm rather a newby with this html stuff. I can however direct you to a great, well established web page. If you want to see a brilliant piece of work, I suggest you go to Brighten Godfrey's Home page.

Visit my page of Links if you wish.

Perhaps you want to know what's happening to me Now.

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