A Gap in Generations

Two years after my great experiences with A Christmas Carol, I was ready to jump into the Drama Program as a full fledged High Schooler. The fall play was to be A Gap in Generations. When I tried out, I did really poorly, and assumed that I hadn't made a part. I was so certain of that, in fact, that I didn't even go before school to look at the postings for who made it. No sooner had I opened my locker, than my sister came racing around the corner to shout to me that I had made the play. I was pretty thrilled.

A Gap in Generations is a slapstick type comedy that Mr. Saeker quite accurately described as such; "It's like a three ring circus in a single ring." There was a plot, but much of the time there would also be several other skits going on as well. Since I was only a very minor character, I got to do some of those skits.

Here's the plot as accurately as I can give it to you:

The whole thing is centered around two main characters who were both quite old. They both thought that they were going to die, and planned on arranging a marriage between their child, and the other's.

That's it. Pretty shallow, huh? The main focus was on the clowns anyway, so there was really not much of a need for a great plot. Mixed in with this was some horrid singing, gaudy clothing, raunchy language and circus-like tricks. We had trapezes, unicycles, balloon animals, juggling, acrobatics, magic tricks, and pretty much everything short of a live felines. You should have seen it.