I created What Ho! Inc. during the summer of 1994, but the idea I based it on stems from several years before. I was over at Brighten Godfrey, my best friends house, when I saw a newsletter like document on his table. I, being the nosy person I am, picked it up and started reading it. It was entitled the "Ripon Wrong" and was absolutely hilarious. I inquired about it, and he said that it was a letter he was planing to send to his cousin.

After several issues of the "Wrong" he changed the name to the "BriteWrite Enterprises Newsletter", reasoning that his newsletters didn't really give an account of what was happening in Ripon, but rather, and account of what his activities were. The next summer when I and my family took our annual pilgrimage to Utah to visit relatives, I received in the mail a copy of the BriteWrite Enterprises newsletter. This newsletter gave an account of his trip to Pitsburg, as well as a complementary post card. Well, I simply couldn't be out done, so I too created a newsletter, calling it the D.efinately E.nchanting N.ewsletter (for) E.very-B.ody. It was filled with an account of what had happened so far on my trip, and I sent FIVE post cards along with it.

There were several issues of D.E.N.E.B. over that summer while I was in Utah (we usually stay for a couple months). In the first issue, all the articles were written from only one point of view-mine. The second added a new person, Bened Rehpislup, which is my name spelled backwards. Bened had a slightly different point of view than Deneb, and it was fun to try to write using an imaginary person's ideas. In the last issue of the summer, Mr. Literal was added to the roster. He told exactly what happened using no figurative language at all.

That winter my family took a trip to Utah, and I wrote yet another newsletter to my friends. This issue added Etrua, and Etruscan caught out of her time. She could only write in Etruscan letters, so writing her letter in the Etruscan alphabet occupied an afternoon. Etruscan letters are pretty much the same as the ones you're seeing now, except that they're backwards, and read from right to left. There are a few minor differences, so I still had to refer to the sheet of paper showing the letters and their corresponding English ones.

The next summer I added another new person- Caleb. Caleb tended to have a ton of run-ons, and took about a page and a half to write one sentence. It was this summer that I decided that "D.E.N.E.B." was a bit egocentric, and so changed the name of the newsletter to the "What Ho! Newsletter". This name sounded better, and had far more potential. During the rest of that year, I used my company's name on several birthday cards, and other printed stuff.

Last summer, What Ho! Newsletter started looking more professional. I added such things as a three column format, and better fonts. Last summer I added Denfig, my editorial writer who lives in an alternate universe. Since the new format took a lot of time editing and stuff, there were only two issues last summer. That pretty much brings you up to the present.

You can find much of what will be on my current newsletter in my News section. Usually not much happens during the school year, but I may be able to find something to put in that section...