Into the Woods

Into the Woods was the fall musical of 1995. I tried out, thinking, as usual, that I wouldn't make it. This time, however, I was right. I checked the cast list over several times, but my name never did magically appear. I was thoroughly disappointed, but such was life. About a week later, before English class with Mr. Saeker, he approached me to ask if anyone had talked to me about the musical. I wasn't sure what he meant, so I said no. He proceeded to tell me that one of his chosen actors had decided to do a play in Oshkosh West rather than accept the minor role offered him, and so there was an opening for a minor role. I of course pretended to consider, but then accepted.

Into the Woods is a kind of conglomeration of several traditional fairy tales. They all link together in a complex web of intrigue. The plot centers around the main characters' wishes. The Baker and his wife wish for a child. Cinderella wishes to go to the festival. Jack and his mother wish Milky White (their cow) would give them some milk. The witch wishes that she was young and beautiful again. Little Red Riding Hood seems just to wish to cram her face with as much sweets as possible. All these plots come together in an interesting and comical way.

The music (written by Stephen Sondheim), though not compositional anywhere near the level of Andrew Lloyd Webber's music, has it's certain charm, and most of it's hummable. Many a time have I found myself whistling those ditties.