My Move to Utah

On July 15, 1996 my family packed up and left for Utah. We had been planning this move for many years, but it was always seen by me as being in the distant and hazy future. I was rather startled when the time actually came.

I had the luxury of staying in Ripon for an extra week with one of my best freinds, Brighten Godfrey. That week was a very fun one, and I'm very greatful to the Godfrey family for putting me up for the stay.

After that week was over, I found myself reluctant to go, but I felt much less reluctant than if I hadn't had that extra week. I finally found myself on the plane headed for Utah with 'Hunt for Red October' in my hand. I never got farther than page fifty, as it was just a mite too technical for me.

I finally arrived at the Salt Lake airport where my dad found me and brought me to Spanish Fork. It was a fairly uneventful plane trip, but afterall, that's the best kind.

Here in Utah, I had several weeks to twiddle my thumbs before anything started happening. Much to my surprise, about two weeks before school started, Billy Elder gave me a call. He is a student at Meridian, and explained to me that at Meridian they try to find people with similar interests to show newcomers around school before it actually started.

Billy picked me up, drove me to Meridian, showed me where all my classes were, told me everything that I wanted to know about Meridian, and directed me to Mr. Bennet to do my scheduling. I am very greatful to Billy for taking the time to make me feel comfortable at Meridian, and get me off to a good start.

A while later school started, and nothing much has happened since.